About Us!

We are a small but growing company dedicated to finding the best cost effective replacement spares and parts for Ferraris and specifically, the Testarossa and 512 range. We can supply most parts that are still available and when they are not, we research and develop our own parts that are at least as good as original or better than original. Just look at our super limited slip differential, we have so many happy customers all over the world and our feedback is fantastic.

We specialise in concourse preparation and can offer services including:

  • Repainting your red, black and silver "wrinkle" paint. Make those Red Heads look like new,
  • Refurbish your old leather to make it almost as good as new,
  • Completely reupholster all the leather in your car with top quality hide.


As a young person I always wanted a Ferrari, I was lucky to buy one a few years ago. The down side with my Ferrari ownership is that my family has to afford an expensive car sat in the garage that is essentially for my own enjoyment?

I set about looking at all the potential weak points of the car and just as important, the cost of the yearly service.

I studied how to service the car and believe me or not... The Testarossas and all other Ferraris of that age are just a car and there is nothing magic or special about them in terms of servicing or repairs. 

Forza Components have built up over many years of garage hours an expertise in rebuilding the engine, gearbox, clutch and suspension. Not only that, but our team can completely renovate leather interiors, including leather refurbishment or replacement and external paint finishes.

If you have a worry about how or what to service, or what spares or parts you need, Forza Components have masses of help and advice, and we are always here to offer free advice.