How do I???

How do I........take a peek below to see how we can help the home mechanic perform not only the basic tasks but the expensive dealer jobs as well.


Loads of help here for the home mechanic to use, not only the simple tasks of servicing, but also how to get deep into the innards of a Red Head.

In fact if any of you home mechanics have good advice and a reliable link to a help file for ANY Ferrari, let me know and I will put it up on the site for others to use.

Feel free to drop us a line at any time if you need any help or support or, you need that special part that is either stupidly expensive or just not available any more.

We promise to give as much help as we can....


How do I remove a Testarossa engine (Not 512TR or M) - PDF Download (3.4Mb) 

How do I change the Cam belts and bearings on the 512 cars? - PDF Download (1.1Mb)

How do I change the Clutch thrust race (throw out bearing) - PDF Download (2.4Mb)